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About the Authors

The Authors of ALPHA MALE

The information in this book is the combined know-how of two people who got into an argument and began comparing what they knew about men, from both male and female points of view. What each of them knew from their own firsthand experiences was incredibly different from what the other knew -- the male and female perspectives were as different as though they were derived from two different species.

No one won the argument, but their perceptions about men were so strongly influenced from either male or female perspectives, that the Great Debate began. Their discussion continued; the relationship was happy from day one, and it led to a wonderful marriage.

Prior to meeting her husband (male author XY), female author XX had been proposed to by an astounding number of men -- an average of one per year in the previous 22 years.

Yet she is of merely average looks, average social status, and average financial opportunities. She had not set out to gain “notches on the gun” when she dated men, but she realized, looking back, that there must have been something in the way she related to men that had triggered so many marriage proposals.  (And no, it wasn’t sex!)

The patterns of behavior she had always adhered to had almost always led to a proposal of marriage.  And she realized that if it could happen to her, it could happen to any other woman of average looks, abilities and opportunities -- and that these same patterns could be learned by any other woman, with similar results.

XX soon recognized how all-important it is to identify from the start the right kind of man for a serious, long-lasting relationship.  For many women, this means an Alpha Male -- whose sense of “cool” derives from the natural inclination to lead, provide, and protect. Her own parents had a marriage of enormous joy and fun for 65 years; her mother chose the right man, and remained in love with him, and he with her, for all those years.

On both sides the commitment was total, and love was strong, whole and complete. XX grew up observing this marriage, and she wanted something just as secure, as much fun, as filled with laughter, interest, interaction on a daily basis. Why even be married if it isn’t far better than being on your own?

She attracted, and then married, the coolest guy she had ever met -- intelligent, confident, successful, exciting, and fun to be with. XY (co-author of this book), was the quintessential Alpha Male -- respected and looked up to by men, highly attractive to and hotly pursued by lots of women. XY had been a career Army officer who moved up through battlefield merit to the rank of Lt. Colonel, and was awarded the Silver Star for heroism. Subsequently Chief of Detectives for a large East Coast city, he had leadership over 180 detectives in a large high-crime metropolis. In both jobs he commanded many young men, whose very lives depended on his knowing everything about them, what they thought and felt, and how to motivate them under extreme conditions.


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He could have become interested in any of the women who pursued him, many much prettier, richer, and better connected than XX was. Yet he chose XX, even though she was average in looks and style; they married and were totally happy in their marriage. What made such an outstanding guy fall for an average woman like XX? She used the very same actions you will find clearly explained in this book.

XY’s thorough and deep knowledge of men, especially of young men, gives this book much of its invaluable male perspective. In addition to their own first-hand observations, XX and XY interviewed hundreds of Alpha Males and non-Alpha Males as well. The results of these case histories are all here, a wealth of factual, first-hand experience. You’ll learn what things worked and what didn’t, from real case histories of real people.

The book is easy and fun to read -- but don’t be misled, it’s packed with essential information for women who want to understand men and find the right guy for a lifetime.

Alpha Male: Who They Are, How They Think, What They Want, How to Attract, Meet, Marry & Train One: By XX and XY

"If you want to REALLY understand men,
you MUST read this book!"

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