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About the Book

If you want to REALLY understand men, you MUST read this book!

If you are serious about finding not just a guy, but the right guy, this book is a must-read!  There’s more useful information in this one book than you will probably find anywhere else about men.  Some of what you’ll learn may astound you!

In hundreds of hours of interviews, Alpha Males tell in their own words exactly what attracts them to particular women, who they pursue, how they feel about the women they sleep with, their real feelings about women in the workplace, and much more.

This is a book of strategy and tactics. You’ll almost certainly meet at least one man, and probably more, that you’ll be potentially interested in. And by using the steps in this book, you’ll learn how to make him become interested in you immediately, fall in love, and even propose marriage.

And once you’ve got him, the book explains to you how to train him. Many relationships, and even marriages, fail because most women don’t realize how incredibly important the training of men is. You have to train your guy, and you need to do it really well -- so well that he won’t have a clue he’s being trained and will simply be head over heels in love with you forever and ever.

This book can tell you everything you need to know if:

  • You’re hooking up. But the more you like the guy, the more it begins to feel like a no-win. You don’t show it, but inside you’re feeling more and more sad and empty. You want this guy, but not this situation...

  • You’re attracted to someone who you want a relationship with, but he doesn’t even know you’re alive. You want to catch his full attention and make him realize that you are the one woman he wants...
  • Even though you don’t have any trouble getting dates and the guys you go out with are considered very attractive, you always have a nagging feeling there must be something more. You wish you could meet one truly special guy...

  • You’re living together, for maybe a year, for two years, or even more; everything is fine for a while.  But suddenly, out of nowhere, he gets interested in a younger woman and seems even to want to marry her...

  • You’re married to a man you love, but it just isn’t as much fun, day-to-day, as it used to be.  When you try to ask him what’s wrong, he won’t communicate (or he goes in the next room and turns on the TV)...

  • You love your husband or boyfriend, but you don’t understand him, and therefore he drives you crazy. You want to know how to make the relationship work -- not merely better, but great!


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  • You’ve had bad experiences dating all the wrong guys; you want to know how to recognize these “bad news” guys and how to identify an outstanding potential husband...

If you’re in any one of these situations, this is the book for you! ALPHA MALE gives you clear strategy and tactics for attracting the right man worthy of your full commitment, and then showing him that you are the one woman he should become interested in, fall in love with, and marry. THIS IS PERFECTLY POSSIBLE FOR ANY WOMAN! By following some basic rules, it is perfectly possible that any woman can have the guy she wants.


What about guys themselves? Should they read this book? (They might want to, if only to find out what we know about them!)

There’s a 12-point questionnaire that tells how to identify a genuine Alpha Male -- the type of guy most women want for a husband or long-term partner. This book tells you how to decide when a guy isn’t right for you, how to move on without being disrespectful or demeaning him, and how not to get involved with (and stuck with) the wrong man for you.

This new paperback book, published by Perennial Press, contains 222 pages jam-packed with insights by and about Alpha Males. It can literally change your life.

Alpha Male: Who They Are, How They Think, What They Want, How to Attract, Meet, Marry & Train One: By XX and XY

"If you want to REALLY understand men,
you MUST read this book!"

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