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What Are People Saying?

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The New York Post recently published the findings of a new study. The subject?  How quickly are young women jumping into bed with men, and what are their expectations for a long term commitment when they do it? The results are in:  It's a landslide.  

More than 25 percent of all young women in the United States admit that they are having sex within one week of dating  (the actual figure could be even higher). 

The social researchers  also report that 30 percent of young men's relationships involve nothing -- nothing -- but sex. No date, no dinner, no going to a concert or sports event or movie. No trying to make the young woman think you are funny, nice, interested, or interesting. Just sex, immediately if possible. For most, sex on the first date "is a given" according to the study.

And young women are, amazingly, going right along with it. By becoming pawns, easily maneuvered into sex without any conditions (not even being sure you like the guy)  women are effectively making sex cheap, in every sense. Why should he give you anything when you're willing to give him everything, no strings attached?

If all you are looking for is a roll in the hay, and if you don't mind becoming a notch on some man's gun before he dumps you and moves on to another easy mark, this book is NOT for you.

But the ever increasing numbers of suicidal young women turning up in psychologists' offices, in despair over being used and discarded by a guy they hoped for a relationship with, seems to point to a need for a better way to handle the male-female connection.

Can a young woman today, in the midst of this flood of easily available sex, identify and captivate a great guy: heart, mind, body and soul? Can she marry and have deep love and lasting commitment from her partner for a lifetime?

The answer is, absolutely YES.

The key is in deciding which you want: Sex on anyone else's terms, with the vague hope it "may turn into something more down the road". Or an entirely different plan, spelled out step by step, in clear, easy to understand terms in this book. 

These are heavily field-tested strategies and tactics that really do work:

For instance, what to do if you've been living for a year, two years, or even longer with a guy you love who says he loves you, but mere mention of the "M" word" makes him turn on the television set, or say, "Why spoil a great relationship?" (There's a strategy in the book for getting him to propose that has worked for many, many women). 

Or, how can you get an attractive man in a roomful of women to notice you, ask you out, and decide you are utterly unlike any other woman he has ever met? (There are tactics and case histories of women who did this and even met their husbands this way).

How, in fact, can you set yourself completely apart from the droves of young women allowing themselves to be treated like doormats by guys who, the next day move on to another new, easy mark? (It's all spelled out, step by step in the book).

And, how can you make a man you really like realize that you are the ONLY woman he wants and needs? And actually fall in love with you and stay in love with you? (That's what the whole book is about.)

ALL of this is possible, using the information in this new book. And this book can literally change your life.

It will give you the tools to use, beginning immediately, to find and captivate the right man. And to end up with love and lasting commitment.

ALPHA MALE/ Who They Are, How They Think, What They Want/ How To Attract, Meet, Marry & Train One/  by XX & XY

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"I've always wondered how the coolest guys decide who to go after. This book is awesome!"

-M. McG., an Alpha Female from San Antonio, TX

"Here's a book every woman should read!

"While the bestselling guys' books tell how to get women in bed and dump them, this book shows women how to avoid these bad-news guys and find a man who will be a great husband, father, and life-long companion.

"It's fascinating to see what men have to say about what they want in a wife--and it's not hard to follow the author's advice and start looking for the right kind of guy.

"Wish I'd had this book years ago!"

-C.T., Long Island, NY

"I've been in love with the same Alpha guy for 4 years. Every time I tried to bring the conversation around to the subject of marriage, he said there was plenty of time for that, why change a good relationship, etc., etc.

"I just bought Alpha Male (book) and I did what it said on page 104. My boyfriend proposed. We're getting married this May. I can't begin to say how happy I am. This book is AWESOME."

-D.T., Philadelphia, PA

What a great book! My girlfriend & I followed the advice for meeting a guy at a party. It worked great!! We met 2 really cool guys (alpha males). Read this book!!

-B.D., Columbus, OH

"I've been proposed to twice in my life, and both marriages failed miserably. I can only imagine if I had the advice of XX and XY firmly within my grasp back then how much better I might have fared. Not in terms of increasing the number of proposals, but in terms of improving the choices I made.

"Great wisdom imparted here. To the uninitiated, pay heed! This new tome is worth its weight in gold (and you know how much that costs these days)."

-A.G., Seattle, WA

And from an Alpha Male himself:

"Uh oh, they've got our number.

"Women who read this book can read us guys like a map. It's a funny book and has a ton of information that I'm trying to keep out of the hands of women I date."

-S.R., New York, NY

Read even more comments and reviews on the book! Click here!

Alpha Male: Who They Are, How They Think, What They Want, How to Attract, Meet, Marry & Train One: By XX and XY

"If you want to REALLY understand men,
you MUST read this book!"

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